Sunday, February 17, 2008

Health - 120 yrs old goodies

ကမႅၻာ့ အသက္အျကီးဆံုး အသက္ ၁၂၀နစ္ရိွ အဖြားမွာ ...

The world's oldest woman has been discovered living in an Arab village in northern Israel.

A sprightly 120 years old, Mariam Amash rises every morning at 5am, walks unaided, and attributes her longevity to a diet rich in vegetables.

According to her birth certificate, issued by the Ottoman Empire authorities, she was born near her current home in the village of Jisr az-Zarka in 1888.

"She rises every morning around five for prayers," said one of her grandsons, Majid Amash, 46, an engineer.

"She then goes for a walk and then spends most of her day with the family. She recognises all of us." But he said his grandmother's long-term memory is fuzzy.

The world's oldest resident has one piece of cautionary advice for younger generations.

"They drink too much Arak," she said, referring to a popular Arabic alcoholic drink that is forbidden to devout Muslims.


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