Friday, February 22, 2008

Fashion - For you boy! WhileGold Diamond Toy Car

ေဆာ့ေပေတာ့ တာတီးဖိုးေရ...

ကဲ ဘေလာ့ကာညီေနာင္မ်ားအတြက္ ေပါင္၁သိန္း၅ေထာင္တန္ ေကာ့ညက္...

ဘေလာ့ကာညီအမမ်ားအတြက္ ေပါင္၁သန္းတန္ စိန္အိတ္...

အခု သားသားေလးတုိ ့အတြက္ ကစားစရာ ေရႊျဖဴနဲ ့ ျပာလဲ့လဲ့ စိန္စီထားတဲ့ ကား ေရာ့ ေပါင္ ၇ေသာင္း၂ေထာင္ တန္ တဲ့ ကား ..

The miniature motor is cast in 18-carat white gold and decked out in more than 2,700 blue diamonds.

Underneath the fully working bonnet, the tiny engine is covered in black and white diamonds.

Created by manufacturer Hot Wheels to mark the company's 40th anniversary, the car's tail lights are red rubies while the tyres are set with yet more diamonds.

A spokesman from Mattel, who owns Hot Wheels, said: "This car is the most expensive toy car we have ever made."

The valuable vehicle was unveiled by former Newlyweds star and singer Nick Lachey at the 105th American International Toy Fair.

Ref: Dailymail UK


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