Saturday, December 8, 2007


ေက်းဇူးျပဳရ္် ၀ါက် အထားအသို စာေျကာင္းအမွားမ်ားေတြ ့လွ်င္ ျပင္ေပးျကပါရန္ ေမတာရပ္ခံအပ္ပါသည္။

This is the second day of my diary.

I have just appreciated the most greatest LOVE on the earth wich is called Mother's LOVE.

My eyes are unable to turn away from the news about tiny premature baby girl of 20 weeks in UK. She was born in 20 oz. She was not breathing and her heart was beating only once in 10 seconds. She had been given up by doctors, specialist and nurse. She had been left to die within few minutes after born.

At the time of the moment about the feeling inside the parent was really a shame. (Slang for pity.) Parent could not let her go. They were looking at her with very slim hope. They had her blessed by the hospital chaplain.

Her mother was so sad and did not want her to die in cold. What she could do for her was just only a hug. Picked up her from the hospital blanket, placed on her chest , gave her a hug and cuddle.

Amazingly the condition of the tiny girl changed after a few minute on her mother chest. Very cold tiny legs, hands and body were slowly disappeared from the warmth of her mother skin/chest. The blue turned to pink and her heart was kickstarted to beat. She breathed on her own and started the tiny cry.

Mother love remarkably saved the tiny girl without medication , drug or live-aid machine.

Do you believe it? Just look at the most greatest Love on the earth.. Mother's Love.

Four months later, the baby girl was allowed to go home weighing 8 lb like as a normal newborn baby


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